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Title: ComSec - What do we think
Post by: Kelvin Abrahams on 01/02/2008, 09:20:51 PM
Fellow sharefinders,
How was your first week dealing with/dealing through ComSec?
Personally I found the ComSec site confussing and stressful.  Stress induced by not knowing my way around and that yellow colour is antagonistic.  I did enjoy the free brokerage!
Not being able to see my Bank West account was a major negative.  More IDs and passwords coming up!
Does the group know of alternative On-Line brokers that have fees similar to Sanfords?  Originally I joined Sanford because I did not wish to join which bank, unfortunately it turns out that move was just the long way around to which bank.
What do the other Sharefinders think?


Title: Re: ComSec - What do we think
Post by: Mark Linton on 01/02/2008, 10:30:10 PM
If you're after brokerage rates similar to Sanford (I agree their site is a lot easier to navigate than Commsec and as for their yellow/orange color scheme.... :eek:) have a look at:

I know the fees are slightly different now over a Commsec but these (http://www.sanford.com.au/sanford/Public/GettingStarted/RevisedScheduleOfFees.asp) were the old Sanford rates.
Title: Re: ComSec - What do we think
Post by: Graham Stewart on 02/02/2008, 09:56:44 AM
Hi Kelvin
I logged in to my new account for the first time this morning and like you I'm not impressed.  I had same problem when my HSBC stockbroking account was transferred to Etrade.  Have you seen ads in finacial press from Bell Direct?  www.belldirect.com.au or 1300 786 199.  Only problem is they don't appear to do options.  However I intend to speak to them on Monday.

"Built by Sanford founder Steven Goh and many of the original Sanford team, who pioneered Australia’s online investing revolution, Bell Direct is Australia’s newest and most innovative online broker. And, we’re not bankers!

We’re here to bring real value and innovation back to online investing. You’ll get access to valuable services like Web 2.0 enabled quotes and news, Aspect Huntley research, ASX announcements and more. Plus, you’ll pay a lot less in brokerage – our everyday rate is just $15 a trade*.

Why Bell Direct?
1) Unbeatable everyday value. Without the catches.

Our everyday brokerage rate is just $15 per trade (or 0.1% for trades over $15,000). And we reward your cash too. Currently you’ll earn 6.15% pa, with no minimum balance. Now that’s value you won’t find with a bank".

Title: Re: ComSec - What do we think
Post by: Mark Linton on 02/02/2008, 10:27:34 AM
Maybe the only down side with BellDirect is you have to pay a $10 monthly fee to access live quotes and market depth?  :confused:

Title: Re: ComSec - What do we think
Post by: John.W. Lewis on 03/02/2008, 08:59:25 AM
I have uses Commsec for several years since moving across from Waterfords when they were gobbled up by Commsec.  I still get reduced brokerage because of that.  I like the professional trader, $80 a month but free if you do at least 15 trades a quarter, easily attained for a SPA trader.  You get live screens. straight through trading etc.  I have found that getting used to a new site is a pain for a while but then it's OK.   
Title: Re: ComSec - What do we think
Post by: James Oliver on 03/02/2008, 02:16:54 PM
Hi guys,

I have always traded shares with Comsec (so really don't know what else if on offer) ... I would have to say however, that I have never had any issues with them.  For me personally, the web trading is ideal since I do not need to install any additional software - and I am able to trade at market through the day from work when required.

I did experiment with the professional trader ... however, I could not load this at work and from a pure SPA perspective I do not require all of the other information that they offer (i.e. charting, market depth etc...).