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Title: W-8BEN-E and IB
Post by: Kelvin Abrahams on 27/05/2017, 02:22:03 PM
I am a little annoyed with IB today.  It is unusual for me to be unhappy with IB but I am unable to access my account today because they want an E-8BEN-E form completed first before I will be allowed to proceed to my account.
Does any one know the GIIN number that IB wants in the E-8BEN-E form that I am confronted with
I would be grateful for any help you can provide
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Title: Re: W-8BEN-E and IB
Post by: ivan on 28/05/2017, 06:41:43 PM
HI Kevin,

Not sure what sort of entity you are using to trade eg SMSF -corp trustee, SMSF- personal trustee, company acc, personal acc etc
I believe in all cases  you leave that blank

Title: Re: W-8BEN-E and IB
Post by: ivan on 28/05/2017, 06:46:54 PM
this might help you Kevin
Title: Re: W-8BEN-E and IB
Post by: Kelvin Abrahams on 09/06/2017, 05:11:35 PM
Hello Ivan
thank you it did help.  Unfortunately the real problem is a software issue which is still not resolved so it is now 2 weeks without being able to access the Account Management section of my account.  Not very happy.  IB is working on it.
Title: Re: W-8BEN-E
Post by: Tony A. on 29/10/2018, 04:47:36 PM
Good afternoon,

With reference to the above conversations, I have now received advice from the USA Broker (Firstrade) that I use for my SMSF trading as follows:
"We were recently notified by our clearing agency Apex that part 9a of the W-8BEN-E form, Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) is required in order to receive tax treaty benefits of Australia (Div 15%, Int 10%). Without GIIN on file, the account is currently subject to 30% withholding tax for dividends and interest".

It appears that the GIIN wasn't previously required, as there were no questions asked when I last submitted the W-8BEN-E form in December 2017.
Just wondering if anyone else has had recent experience in needing to provide a GIIN to their US Broker ??

Title: Re: W-8BEN-E and IB
Post by: Gary Stone on 01/03/2019, 01:19:01 PM

I only received notification this week from FirstTrade of the requirement to provide a GIIN.

My account is in a company name.

Wonder why it took so much longer?