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Title: NAB sell signal 1/11/19
Post by: Singhy on 01/11/2019, 10:04:28 PM
SWS app gave a sell signal for NAB today.  Checked Beyond Charts and the rapid rise in the 'signal line' doesn't seem to make sense.  Can someone please advise.
Title: Re: NAB sell signal 1/11/19
Post by: Campbell Sinclair on 06/11/2019, 11:23:54 AM

When a position is closed in SPA3 Investor, we stop tracking the exit and flip the ATR_TS (the line you always see) to begin tracking re-entry. I feel like the underlying question here is why the sell was given when the trailing stop was at 27.77 for the previous sessions before the sell signal, while the day closed at 28.41, which is what I will talk to.

For NAB, the exit was actually an ISL signal not the ATR_TS exit signal. Now over time you will see green lines appear on charts currently within an open trade, these green lines are SPA3 Investor starting to track an alternative exit signal of interest. There are a few situations that cause these but usually only 1 if any are looked at a given time.

So these green trailing stops appear because some criteria for these exits have been met, as a result a new trailing stop based on these criteria has been formed visually on a chart. They follow the same rules as the ATR_TS, when the close crosses below one of these green trailing stops we flag a sell then start looking for an entry. These exits can be above or below the ATR_TS, current examples of them occuring can be seen on CSL, WOW and ALQ.

They do disappear when an exit is signaled, because at a broad view they are no longer relevant to where SPA3 Investor is at for a stock. As it is looking for a re-entry now, we do not need to know about possible sells which SPA3 Investor may not even flag as relevant the next time the stock is an open trade.

Title: Re: NAB sell signal 1/11/19
Post by: Singhy on 06/11/2019, 07:06:02 PM

Many thanks for that.  I do see the signal as an ISL signal vs ATR_TS signal.  Thanks for pointing out the 'green' line/number, was wondering what that was!