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General Discussion / Chit Chat / Re: Saxo US Stocks Commission
« Last post by Campbell Sinclair on Today at 11:51:41 AM »
Hi David,

SWS became aware of the upcoming commission changes overnight.

We will not be moving away from Saxo ourselves.

It is prudent to look at personal circumstances to see if their new pricing model is still a sound fit for your portfolio.

General Discussion / Chit Chat / Saxo US Stocks Commission
« Last post by David Morgan on Today at 08:31:56 AM »
Hi All and SWS

Last week I received advice from Saxo that they will be changing their US Stocks commission from the 16/9/19.  The new rates will be 0.10% (min 9.90USD).  The current rates are 0.10USD/share (min 9.90USD).

I have compared the old and new commissions (excluding exchange fees) for the last 4 sell trades I have made and the new commission works out to be over twice the old commission.

I understand SWS use Saxo and am wondering whether they will be looking to change to another broker?  If so would it be possible to give some guidance on how to move an active portfolio from one broker to another?

Beyond Charts / Re: Help with BCFL custom Scans & Coding
« Last post by Campbell Sinclair on 16/08/2019, 04:23:30 PM »
Bollinger Bands consist of 2 functions: top band and bottom band. These are some of the few that use smoothing as part of the parameters.


Only a few BCFL functions have in-built smoothing options as part of their calculation.
Beyond Charts / Re: Help with BCFL custom Scans & Coding
« Last post by JohnR on 16/08/2019, 12:25:41 AM »
Not all indicators have smoothing, only 4 to 5 of them do depending how you look at the seperate bollinger band functions

Bollinger Band functions is something I wasn't expecting in relation to indicator smoothings, could you elaborate on how the BB apply to the indicators with the optional smoothing?
SPA3 Investor / Re: SaxoBank
« Last post by Gary Stone on 15/08/2019, 11:05:42 AM »

Thank you for your feedback.

We do have material from iShares on executing ETF orders with the ETF 'market makers', which we have shared before. Dave McCulloch, who is our Lead Educator, will post this in the Education Centre. Been trying to find a place where it fits.

Dave and I would love to hear your feedback. Always looking for 'fresh eyes' to help us see what our offering looks like from the outside looking in, rather than from the inside looking out. Dave will contact you to arrange a time.


SPA3 Investor / Re: SaxoBank
« Last post by Paul Borrett on 15/08/2019, 09:59:21 AM »
Thanks Gary for your quick response. 

Can I suggest that your "word of wording" be included in the ASX related investment plan templates and daily process checklists with a note on the "why".

As a more general comment, at some stage I'd like to give some feedback after recently going through the online courses, software manuals and getting up to speed with Beyond Charts & Trademaster. 

In general there is an opportunity to improve the presentation of the material and software such that it is consistently aligned to the investment process cycle, which in turn is structured like a typical PDCA cycle.  Don't get me wrong...the material content is great.   

Cheers, Paul
SPA3 for NASDAQ / Re: Gold/Silver run - USA portfolio's
« Last post by Dave McCulloch on 15/08/2019, 09:58:40 AM »
Hi Tito,

Gary will look at Gold in todays eUGM.

One of the options when the market goes to High Market Risk is stay in any current open positions and wait for their individual exit signals.

The other is to exit all open positions at that time. No new entries would be taken until market risk returns to low. This is in accordance with Risk Profile 1 rules.

SPA3 Investor provides signals on both Gold (GLD) and Silver (SLV) ETF's.

These are part of the Equal Weighted US ETF Public Portfolio which could easily be run as a Core Portfolio. That portfolio has a universe of 20 ETF's that can fill 9 equally weighted positions on a first come first served basis.

GLD has been an open position in the US Equal Weighted ETF Public Portfolio since May 31st as an example, and will be sold only once an exit signal is produced regardless of market risk.

SPA3 Investor doesn't use Market Risk to drive decisions like SPA3 Trader does, but that's not to say that you couldn't use Market Risk in some format as part of a SPA3 Investor investment plan.

I hope this helps.


SPA3 Investor / Re: SaxoBank
« Last post by Gary Stone on 14/08/2019, 10:28:59 PM »

They treat them like a Market on Open order, i.e. you'll get filled with the open price.

Sometimes it might be slightly off the open price.

Word of warning, don't place Market orders out of market hours on ETFs on the ASX.

SPA3 Investor / Re: SaxoBank
« Last post by Paul Borrett on 14/08/2019, 07:52:00 PM »
How does SaxoBank treat Market Buy orders during market closed / pre-market open periods?  I've been using ANZ Share Investing (prob. not for much longer) which won't accept any "at market" orders when the market is closed so a "limit price" order is required.
SPA3 Investor / Re: Market Volatility index
« Last post by Dave McCulloch on 14/08/2019, 09:25:46 AM »
Hi John

In Beyond Charts you can look up the ASX200 Vix futures using the code $XVI.

It only has open, high, low and close quotes since mid 2018, but you can change the chart to a line chart and that will display a single quote for each day back to 2008.

I've attached a screen shot to illustrate.

You'll be able to compare how the ATR_TS indicator produces signals on the ASX200 index while viewing the $XVI over the same time frame, however the indicator can't be applied onto the $XVI directly.

I hope this helps.


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