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Beyond Charts / Re: Help with BCFL custom Scans & Coding
« Last post by JohnR on 02/12/2019, 08:15:49 PM »
Have some issues with the ATR-TS I'm using in that it slows down scanning and also slows loading of charts enough to be annoying. I want to limit the data look back period to 200 bars or any number that works.

I note previously in the oscillator code you provided (several posts back) there was a bit of code: cum(1) for the look back period, I then swapped that bit out and replaced with 200 or 100, and this worked to give that oscillator a full 0 to 100 cycle and not be pegged to the 1st bar.
So wondering what can be done with the ATR-TS code as there is no look back period that I can identify:

IN1 := WC();
atrper := 14;
atrfact := 4.5;
loss := atrfact * ATR(atrper);
ATRTS_L := If( IN1 >PREV AND Ref( IN1 ,-1)>PREV, Max(PREV, IN1 - loss),
If( IN1 < PREV AND Ref( IN1 ,-1)<PREV, Min(PREV, IN1 + loss),
If( IN1 > PREV, IN1- loss, IN1 + loss)));
Beyond Charts / Re: relative comparison
« Last post by Jennifer S on 28/11/2019, 12:58:14 PM »
Thanks Campbell, I was just looking around and found this exactly - thanks. It works!
Beyond Charts / Re: relative comparison
« Last post by Campbell Sinclair on 28/11/2019, 10:04:28 AM »
Hi Jennifer,

You may need to verify your SPA3 Investor Relative Strength scan settings in Beyond Charts.

To do this, open the scans panel on the right hand side of Beyond Charts. The easy way is right clicking an open chart background -> side panels -> scans.

In the scans panel highlight the scan name under the Profiles tab then click in to the Settings tab, also at the top of the scans panel. In here make sure the Scan Type is set to Ranking.
Beyond Charts / relative comparison
« Last post by Jennifer S on 27/11/2019, 09:57:47 PM »
Hi there
not sure if I have just forgotten, or something missing in my BC. I am trying to get the full list of investor stocks/ETFs to compare the relative comparison strengths/open/invalids etc. When I run this scan all I get is new entries (TPM). if I bring up the data sheet with the full lists from industry watch lists I don't get the comparison. 
What am I missing?
Thanks in advance
Beyond Charts / Re: Help with BCFL custom Scans & Coding
« Last post by JohnR on 23/11/2019, 03:39:19 PM »
Re Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom ebook.
Is there a downloadable copy of this as it's a bit labour-some to read on the computer?
SPA3 Investor / Re: CELG
« Last post by Dave McCulloch on 22/11/2019, 12:12:26 PM »
Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for your question, it is a good one.

Takeovers come up from time to time and there's a couple of different ways to handle them depending on your approach.

Celgene (CLG) is being taken over by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY). Note: not BMI.

Using a purely mechanical approach would mean selling the replacement stock, as we don't have any SPA3 Investor signals on the new entity, BMY.

Another reason for this is that any current profits you may have in the position are at risk should the deal not pan out as expected. Anything can happen.

If one was taking more of a fundamental view, then it would require closer attention and a deep understanding of what the potential of the deal is. Even then, there is no guarantee that the market may share the same view, and it raises the question of when to sell....?

This is a key reason for the use of a price action based mechanical decision making process. As such, accounting for this type of takeover scenario whilst not that common should be included as part of the Investment Plan.

Hope this helps.



SPA3 Investor / CELG
« Last post by Kelvin Abrahams on 22/11/2019, 08:23:36 AM »
Hello Everyone,
Do we hold BMI, the replacement stock for CELG, or do we exit this replacement stock asap? I am holding CELG/BMI and was surprised to see that BMI has replaced CELG.  Price action today suggests the US market is not bothered.
Beyond Charts / Re: Help with BCFL custom Scans & Coding
« Last post by Dave McCulloch on 18/11/2019, 04:16:27 PM »
Hi John,

As a user of SPA3 Investor on the ASX, you will have access to signals on the following ASX listed ETF's:

IJH (SP400 Mid cap)
IJR (SP600 Small cap)
IVV (SP500)
VTS (US Total Market)
SLF (ASX 200 listed property)
STW (ASX200)
VAS (ASX300)

I'd strongly recommend reviewing Gary's Blueprint to Wealth Investors Club course, if not for you then definitely for your family.

You'll find a plethora of reasons for taking control of your own investment decisions, and you can review the material at any time.

The universe of SPA3 Investor ETF's is base on extensive research, and supporting the research is that of C.R.I.S.P (Centre for Reseach Into Security Prices) which has data all the way back to 1926.

This is the basis of "The Big Picture" (Available for viewing in the Education Centre)

Research shows that the SP Midcap 400 Index ETF is a great long term out performer and one that beats the SP500 (Warren Buffets preferred index) and smashes any Balance Fund.

I hope this helps and that you'll point your family to these valuable resources.



SPA3 Investor / Re: SPA3ETF - TRAINING
« Last post by Dave McCulloch on 18/11/2019, 03:51:56 PM »
Hi John,

Thanks for your questions.

SPA3ETF is the same product as SPA3 Investor.

We changed the name to SPA3 Investor to reflect the fact that it also encompasses large cap stocks in the methodology. So that means that the watch lists were also named ".....for SPA3 Investor".

(It's possible you might still have the old legacy SPA3ETF Watchlists as part of your database, but these will not impact the running of BC)

All educational videos are now located in the SWS Education Centre and this can be accessed directly from within Beyond Charts.

Go to the home tab and you'll notice the Education Centre icon. Click on it, and then you'll be taken to the site where you just need to enter your email address and Member ID to log in.

The SPA3 Investor reference manual and Getting Started guides in the documents section of Beyond Charts will provide useful information on the background of SPA3 Investor and possible ways in which to construct a portfolio. 

As a starting point though, I'd begin with the Education centre and the SPA3 Investor course.

If you need any further assistance please let me know.



SPA3 Investor / Re: SPA3EFT - TRAINING
« Last post by JohnR on 17/11/2019, 10:53:58 AM »
SPA3ETF section of the SWS members zone
Could you provide a link to the above please?

I'm a bit confused about the SPA3ETF product, is there a separate add on that I don't have? yet my Beyond Charts Watch under Industry Watch Lists do list ETFs as follows:
SWS ASX ETFs for SPA3 Investor.
SWS Stocks for SPA3ETF.

All of the above ETFs within appear to have the system ATR-TS buy and sell signal system applied and working.
I went looking for the link SWS Members Zone in Beyond Charts but couldn't find it.

I also noticed the drop down menu in the video opening scene is different to mine in Beyond Charts?
See attached images. My Beyond Charts is image 1 with no ETF listing.

There are more confusing things in the BC drop down menu but they aren't related to ETFs so will enquire separate about them.
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