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Share Wealth Systems Alerts App - Now Available!
« on: 17/10/2016, 10:02:02 AM »
Hi Everyone,

As per Gary's announcement in the eUGM on Friday (watch recording), the Share Wealth Systems Alerts App is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The App is designed to notify users of new Alerts, as well as the Status (Open/Closed) of Stocks & ETFs, and also the RS Ranking of Stocks & ETFs according to the Market(s) you are subscribed to.  All this, easily accessible on your smart device without the need to open Beyond Charts on your PC.

This first version is tailored to SPA3ETF users, but future versions will incorporate SPA3 ASX, SPA3 for NASDAQ & Intelledgence.

You can download it to your smartphone/tablet via the relevant link below, and we encourage your feedback / comments on this thread.


Share Wealth Systems Team.
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Share Wealth Systems Alerts App
« Reply #1 on: 17/10/2016, 10:28:56 PM »
Hi Karl,

I read the announcement about the Share Wealth Systems Alerts App being released - sounds like a very useful tool. The announcement mentioned that the first release is for SPA3ETF system, with other systems to be included in a future release.

What is the timeline for expanding the app to include SPA3ASX and Intelledgence?


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Re: Share Wealth Systems Alerts App - Now Available!
« Reply #2 on: 19/10/2016, 04:19:45 PM »

It's always difficult to commit to a timeline for final release as testing always seems to take longer than planned.

However, I can say that the dev't team is not starting from scratch with implementing SPA3 ASX/NASDAQ and Intelledgence. Indeed most of the work has been done and the first phase of testing should start in the next two or so weeks.

There are three rounds of testing to go through though so it is unlikely that SPA3 ASX/NASDAQ and Intelledgence will be released until the new year.


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