Author Topic: some stocks not tradeable on saxo platform  (Read 1844 times)

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some stocks not tradeable on saxo platform
« on: 19/04/2017, 12:45:16 PM »
Hi All,

Ran scan over the easter weekend and it gave some buy signals, including LCT, MDC and TAW

I then went to place an order on the saxo platform for these stocks however they weren't available (they are available on the CMC platform)
- I have spoken to the support team at saxo about why they weren't listed/adding them this was the response

"With reference to our phone conversation yesterday on adding ASX instruments LCT, MDC and TAW to Saxo platform, we might afraid we are unable to add them as they do not meet our instrument addition criteria."
Has anyone else encountered this issue using saxo? and if so, do you just ignore the buy signals for these stocks and wait for stocks that do actually appear on the saxo platform?

I am running a $60k portfolio so it could be that I am on smaller side and am able to trade the smaller cap stocks etc. due to liquidity settings - I am running all the default risk profile 1 settings as used in the videos/manuals/trading plan

Thanks very much,

*edit 1 - have since spoken again and they tell me that the share price must be above $1 for it to be available

*edit 2 - the $1 rule seems to be wrong as there are plenty of shares under $1 that can be bought, so does anyone know the rules?
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Re: some stocks not tradeable on saxo platform
« Reply #1 on: 23/04/2017, 01:26:16 PM »
Hi Chris

I too use Saxo as my broker and had the same issue when I began (commenced trading Jan 2017) and was a little concerned, but after only a few month I have found that the SPA3 ASX system has more than enough entry signals of tradeable stock with Saxo.

Hope this helps