Author Topic: SAXOTRADERGO market orders  (Read 1288 times)

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SAXOTRADERGO market orders
« on: 22/05/2018, 07:28:42 PM »

I just tried to unsuccessfully place my usual market order for MDY whilst the market is closed.  I contacted them and now they tell me that I cannot place market orders when the exchange is closed, I have to do a 'limit' order. 

That's new to me, have they suddenly changed the rules without telling anyone?  May be I need to  find another broker.

Has anyone else experienced this recently with SaxoTraderGo? 

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Re: SAXOTRADERGO market orders
« Reply #1 on: 22/05/2018, 09:41:33 PM »

I'm still using SaxoTrader2.

Have just placed a Market Order for BA and it has accepted it.

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