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Gold/Silver run - USA portfolio's
« on: 13/08/2019, 04:29:50 PM »
Hi All,

Gold and Silver markets seem to be hotting up. I'm looking at restructuring my portfolio's as it's probably the opportune time to do it now that this sector is taking off, so I was hoping to open a discussion as to how others are participating in the Gold and Silver run through their USA portfolio's.

There are lots of gold / silver stocks on the NYSE like AUY, FNV, GOLD, HMY, NEM, WPM, AEM, SLW, AUY, CDE, EGO and probably many others. As these are listed on the NYSE, we don't receive SPA signals for them. Does anyone have any system in place using their SPA charts which gives entry and exit indicators for shares on the NYSE that they are willing to share?

Then there are ETF's like GLD and SLV which you could incorporate in a core strategy, together with NASDAQ listed stocks like RGLD, SSRM, PAAS and NAK. Would this be a viable portfolio to setup? Are there any other shares /ETF's which could be added to this list?

With the NASDAQ being in high risk currently, would it be feasible to have your trading plan say to stay in those stocks until they give an exit signal?

Perhaps Gary could cover some of this during an upcoming eUgm.


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Re: Gold/Silver run - USA portfolio's
« Reply #1 on: 15/08/2019, 09:58:40 AM »
Hi Tito,

Gary will look at Gold in todays eUGM.

One of the options when the market goes to High Market Risk is stay in any current open positions and wait for their individual exit signals.

The other is to exit all open positions at that time. No new entries would be taken until market risk returns to low. This is in accordance with Risk Profile 1 rules.

SPA3 Investor provides signals on both Gold (GLD) and Silver (SLV) ETF's.

These are part of the Equal Weighted US ETF Public Portfolio which could easily be run as a Core Portfolio. That portfolio has a universe of 20 ETF's that can fill 9 equally weighted positions on a first come first served basis.

GLD has been an open position in the US Equal Weighted ETF Public Portfolio since May 31st as an example, and will be sold only once an exit signal is produced regardless of market risk.

SPA3 Investor doesn't use Market Risk to drive decisions like SPA3 Trader does, but that's not to say that you couldn't use Market Risk in some format as part of a SPA3 Investor investment plan.

I hope this helps.